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This is the fight for FREEDOM, for LIBERTY, for our CONSTITUTION, and for our Nation's SAFETY

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The HCRC provides a network for Republican Candidates, promotes political awareness, encourages participation in public affairs, and works for responsible and efficient government.

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Rules for Voting

Rules for voting

1.  Vote every two years.

2.  Always vote RED: Remove Every Democrat.

3.  Never vote for a Republican who was once a Democrat in their past, unless there's no other Republican alternative on the ticket. You can remove them in the next election with a better choice.

4.  Remember, they're YOUR candidates.

They belong to YOU!

You are never “their” constituents.

You NEVER belong to them.

5.  No matter how corrupt Washington is, if you don't vote or vote for RINO, you directly contribute to the corruption. As John Mill once said, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing”.

6.  Don't lower yourself down to that scruffy dog with keys to the prison cell in its teeth while pirates try to tempt the dog with kind words and a bone> Politicians have that view of you. Never should you view your vote as some “payment” you owe them. Teach them to fear your vote.

7.  Every voting patriot has a direct connection to the regional patriots fighting tyranny. Walk into any voting booth with confidence.