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The HCRC provides a network for Republican Candidates, promotes political awareness, encourages participation in public affairs, and works for responsible and efficient government.

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Please join the Republican Party of Texas Grassroots Club. By joining, it will help our State Republican Party become less dependent on large one-time donations, allow the Party to reduce its cost of fundraising from 70% down to 5%, and it will give the Party a consistent steady flow of funds to fight the Democrats all year long. It will also put an end to you getting fundraising calls and direct mail from the Party.

You can use your credit card to join by signing up online at Your card will be charged each month in the amount of $8.25. If you sign up online, please let us know that you have joined so we can include your name on our list of Grass Roots Club members. Another way you can participate is by check in the amount of $99.00 with the completed form that you can download from the above link.