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The HCRC provides a network for Republican Candidates, promotes political awareness, encourages participation in public affairs, and works for responsible and efficient government.

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President's Dec 2019 Remarks

Rep Andy Murr received the Texas District and County Attorneys Association’s “Law & Order Award” for my work on criminal jurisprudence issues during this past legislative session.

Andy also received recognition as a “2019 Effective Conservative” by the Conservative Roundtable of Texas, a coalition of concerned grassroots activists and business leaders. This award is based on one’s leadership to advance limited government and conservative solutions during the 2019 Texas Legislative Session.

Chip Roy had a great interview on the Fox Networks Life, Liberty and Levin show. Chip also represents our conservative views exceptionally well.

This impeachment isn’t about President Trump, it’s about Democrats wanting to undo YOUR vote in 2016.

No matter how many LIES and baseless attacks Democrats and the FAKE NEWS throw at him, President Trump will NEVER stop fighting to Keep America Great.

The Big question is do we all own the political will to Get out and work for successful election results this next November?

Politics is a vehicle of hope, enabling us to elect candidates that are committed to make positive changes to make America Greater. But, it can be a dreary subject, capable of turning men and women into crusty whiners who place blame on “vast right-wing conspiracies.”

Voter fraud is either rampant everywhere or that it almost never happens. President Trump would have won the popular vote in 2016 were it not for the 3 to 5 million votes being cast illegally. We have genuine concerns about the integrity of our elections.

We must make sure people are blocked from voting and equally important, we must ensure that no one’s vote is canceled out by someone voting twice, a non-citizen, a felon who hasn’t had their voting rights restored, a deceased person, or someone who doesn’t even exist, and absentee ballot fraud.


As we all know, Jerry Nadler and Adam Shift have taken this Impeachment Scam and turned it into even more of a circus than it already was.

First, the Left cried Quid Pro Quo, then bribery, and now abuse of power? This entire HOAX has been JERRY-RIGGED by the Radical Democrats and we cannot put up with it any longer.

I am so proud of our Republican Party. For so many years were operated with a defensive posture, and now we have a President who is teaching us how to operate from an offensive position and we are winning and doing it united as a party. What a welcome change. Our challenge is to keep up the fighting back for liberty, fairness and our constitution.

We need volunteers in this election cycle, so I’m pleading with you to volunteer in this fight, whether it be phone banks, block walking, getting out the vote, register new voters and working the polls.

Right here in Texas we need in our precincts to get involved in the delegate processes at the precinct, county and State.

**Remember, being visible in our local community is SO IMPORTANT

Please see me after the meeting or contact me either by email or phone. I’m calling on YOU to step up to defend our Liberty, Constitution and lives.

On another subject, Socialism (communism) is on the rise in our country, especially among the young, and we need to understand the extent of that support.

There is no doubt that, especially among younger Americans, socialism is increasingly attractive—and that this threatens the future of American liberty. As Winston Churchill noted, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” And education is the surest way to defeat it.

Under President Trump, America has achieved a level of energy independence. Gone are the days of 300% jump in oil prices, endless lines for gasoline, and an extreme form of gas rationing., and the average citizen wrestled gas lines. Just 2 years aft President Trump won the election, in November 2018, the US became a net exporter of oil and refined fuels.

Our Speaker today may have something to say about that. He needs no formal introduction, just a good ol’ Texas Country boy from Stephensville, TX, Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller.







Our Goals:

1) Stopping Socialism,

2) Protecting Innovation and Intellectual Property,

3) Promoting Individual Liberty, and

4) Defending Our Borders.